Basement Apartment or (ADU)

Use your basement as an asset. Create an income apartment or finish the space for a relative who needs your help.

Basement Apartment or (ADU)

Use your basement as an asset. Create an income apartment or finish the space for a relative who needs your help.

Licensed General Contractor with 25 years of experience

We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Basement Finish

How can we make such a bold claim? Before we start the basement, we review each aspect of the bid, all finishes, and a digital drawing to ensure they match your expectations and budget. Then, we exactly match these plans in construction.

Detailed & Accurate Bids

No one wants surprises! Your bid will be detailed and accurate, and the cost to complete is guaranteed.

 Digital Designs

See your basement digitally before construction starts so we can focus features and budgets on your desired results.

Things to Know

  • Brandon, our owner has several rental properties and knows the business. He can help you understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Limit your liability by getting the required city permits and safety inspections.

  • Strive for the Goldie Locks principle. Solid middle-of-the-road finishes work well, are durable and easy to refresh with a new tenant.

Layton Utah Basement Bathroom

ROI is King

How long will it take you to turn a profit on your basement income apartment? That is the primary question you need to answer. Each feature and finish should be weighed with that in mind. How quickly will this become an asset instead of a monthly liability?

Solid durable finishes that are easy to maintain and repair. They work great for basement-income apartments. Huge kitchens, 3-Tone paint, and custom finish carpentry look great, but they do not increase the rent you can charge, and they are very, very expensive to maintain.

Focus on durable features and finishes that look good and are easy to maintain.

Turn your basement into and asset

Breathtaking design for your basement

Our focus will be to help you get a great, easy-to-maintain apartment that will become an income-producing asset as soon as possible.

Add unique features to your basement that add value and enjoyment for you and your family.

Basement Apartments

Special Features to Consider

Exterior Entrances

Often this is a requirement to legally have an income-producing basement apartment. We have a great concrete person who will help us get you a safe, low-maintenance entrance that meets all code requirements.

Laundry Connections

Adding a laundry connection is surprisingly easy. If there is an existing plumbing stack near the location you want the laundry, we can install the complete setup for $1000. This will add great value to the apartment and your home.

Execution of Our Plan & Construction

Most basements take 12 weeks to complete. Basements with numerous special features may take longer to complete. We will keep you informed during each construction phase and conduct regular walkthroughs to ensure the basement is progressing as planned.

Why Choose us?

We have a great team. Each member is an expert craftsman who takes pride in their work.


25 Yrs. Experience

We specialize in basement finishing and have literally finished over 1800 basements since 1999.


Licensed & Insured

This protects you from just about any disaster you can think of. It also ensures that your basement is finished correctly and safely.


Skilled Subcontractors

Each of our subcontractors is a licensed professional. Each has been with our company for over 10 years and do high quality work.